introducing appiness

APPINESS is a mobile app that seamlessly and directly connects “I need” people with “I can help” people, by helping with their practical needs and aspirational wants, and making their lives a little better.

Our objective is to provide homeless people and those in poverty with specific things they need, from both a practical and aspirational perspective. This includes practical items such as sleeping bags, shoes, clothing, and personal care items. It also includes household goods, toys, computers, gardening tools, creative supplies, musical instruments for those who these items are beyond reach.

Appiness | Share the love from Jonathan ThisIsMyVoice on Vimeo.

Importantly, it’s also about creative, sporting and lifestyle opportunities such as coaching / training, music and art lessons, meditation and yoga. These things should not be the preserve of those who can afford it but within reach of those who wish to explore them. Homeless doesn’t mean hopeless and circumstances should not define a persons’ hopes and dreams.

Our goal addresses our core social issue by connecting those in need with those who can help at an individual level. It provides a seamless means to identify, reach and deliver need where it exists and doesn’t presuppose what people might need. It provides a platform for those who care to act on their wish to help in a practical, safe and meaningful way. It breeds connection, awareness, visibility and transparency of how help can make a meaningful impact in someone’s life.

From a recipient’s perspective, it shows someone cares, deeply and with love and intention. It says “I matter”, “I am someone”. It helps self esteem and issues of self-worth and knowing you’re not alone.